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Tryouts are held in early spring and summer, depending on the level. 2021-22 registration and details are available here.

Synchro is a team commitment, skaters are expected to be at all performance events during the season. Skaters offered a position with Radiance must commit to team practices in addition to private lessons and adhere to our zero absence policy. Extra practices will have at least a weeks notice and can be expected during holiday break while skaters are off of school. Any additional scheduled practices outside of holiday break will be kept to a minimum. We also ask that you list on your registration any conflicting commitments that you are aware of at this time. Attendance is extremely important to the success of our teams.

Team members may miss 2 – 8 days of school during these months. ALL skaters are required to continue their individual training and advance through USFS tests in addition to skating with their teams.

Tryout Attire
Female skaters should wear black leggings or tights with a skating dress/skirt, fitted top/jacket and have hair pulled neatly away from face. Male skaters should wear pants and a fitted shirt. We prefer black or dark clothing. No hooded shirts, jewelry, gloves or pants for females permitted. Water bottles encouraged.

Season Schedule:

Pre-Season Training: June
Off For Summer Vacations: July
Summer Practice: August
Regular Practices: September – February
*Practice schedule will be included in your skater’s offer letter, any extra practices added after commitment will be given with at least a week’s notice. Expect that extra practices will be scheduled over the holiday break while skaters are off school, any additional scheduled practices outside of that will be kept to a minimum.


My skater hasn’t tested Moves in the Field, can he or she still tryout? Absolutely. Skaters who are working through Learn-to-Skate or Basic Skills or Free Skate (USFS) tests and have not yet started the Moves in the Field tests should attend Clinic Day 1 and/or Clinic Day 2.

Will my skater be dismissed from his/her team for missing a practice for a school/religious function? No. The zero absence policy is referring to unexcused absences (for example, missing practice for a sleep over). When a skater is going to miss because of vacation, illness, or attendance at a school or religious function, the skater will need to fill out an absence form. Excessive absences will result in a meeting with Coaches/Synchro Director. Please see your coach for more details.

How often does the team travel?
The team travels 3-5 times per season, averaging 1 time per month in November-February. All travel information and dates will be given with offer letters.

Who do I contact with more questions? Please feel free to email for more information!